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Welcome to The Kenya Document
Exchange Site


KENYADOCEX is a reference site for Kenyans, the Kenyan Diaspora worldwide and anyone interested in Kenya, to find and verify facts based on primary source material. All the information published on Kenyadocex is in the public domain, i.e. is not copyrighted but although it can be found elsewhere some documents are not easily obtainable through other sources.The aim of Kenyadocex is to build over time access to a compendium of source material through the publication of documents, reports, photographs and links to facilitate informed debate, sound decision-making and fair judgementin and about Kenya.

Kenyadocex is an exchange site. If you believe, whether as an individual or an organization, that a document should be published here, please email your request or your documents to the Exchange Centre at webmaster@kenyadocex.com

Please remember that this site will only accept bona fide, non-copyright, public domain, publicly available, source documentation.

Thank you for visiting Kenyadocex.com, we hope it becomes a useful resource for you.

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